Roof Maxx is much more than just a roof rejuvenation product. We can also use our treatment on your other surfaces, such as awnings, house walls, walls, wood, rocks, monuments, domes, & more!

Roof Stains
Roof with moss


Houses in areas receiving the right combination of shade and humidity will tend to see the growth of things like algae, moss, or lichens on the roof, causing roof stains. Roof algae, commonly known as gloeocapsa magma, is a type of algae that thrives in humid and warm climates. It frequently appears first on the north slope of the roof where shade is prevalent and tends to accumulate. The result is unsightly roof stains. Since algae spores are airborne, they are carried from roof to roof. If one house in a neighborhood has black streaks from roof mold and algae, it’s very likely that the whole neighborhood will be infested before long. Moss spores are also carried by wind and spread throughout neighborhoods like roof algae. Moss can be detrimental to asphalt shingle performance as well.
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Much like your roof, homes in areas receiving the right combination of shade and humidity will tend to see the growth of mildew, or mold on the side of the house. One of the main culprits of this build-up is due to dirt accumulation. If the home is near trees, some sugary sap from those trees could end up on the siding, which is appealing for fungus since it feeds off dirt and dust. Excessive moisture from trapped rainwater behind or within the material and especially from gutter or drain pipes causing the area to remain wet. If this area is also heavily shaded, it becomes an invitation to mildew or mold. The Roof Maxx treatment will not only clean the growth of bacteria on your home, but also prevent it with a 5-year warranty.
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House wall with stains
Sided house wall with stains


Moss, algae, and lichens thrive and reproduce from dampness.  All three spread via spores and are often found growing on exterior surfaces like stone or brick walls. The growth of this moss can make your walls look old and dirty. If the wall is located in a shady area, exposed to trees, shrubs, etc. or if you have moss on your roof, all of these can be starting points for growth and spread of moss. Keeping the walls clean and free of dirt, dust and plant debris can help slow, stop, or prevent moss growth by removing the nutrients it needs to grow. The Roof Maxx treatment can clean away the build-up of the bacteria that has taken home on your stone or brick walls.
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Brick wall with stains
Stone wall with mildew
Awning with stains
Commercial Awning with mildew stains


Awnings are a less expensive way of shielding patios on your home/motor homes and at your place of business from weather conditions. They are available in vinyl or fabric as standard or retractable covers. Although beneficial in many ways, awnings – like anything else exposed to outside elements for long lengths of time, are susceptible to a growth of algae, mold and mildew. Washing with soap and water is usually not enough to completely remove the green stain of algae, so our Roof Maxx treatment can be the perfect solution for your residential or commercial property.
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The use of rocks in your landscaping can add major curb appeal to your home as well as increase the value. Sometimes though, the downside of these “decorative additions” can breed a home for moss to grow on the surfaces. Moss stays dormant in dry weather, but can revive during rainy periods and can usually be found growing on any surface where conditions are shady and moist, including rocks. Moss growth resembles thin, tangled hairs initially, but as it matures, buds appear and tiny stalks and leaves grow from these buds. Applying the Roof Maxx treatment can restore the look of your landscape or decorative rocks around your home.
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retaining wall rocks with mildew
rocks moss
Wood deck with mildew stains
Wood fence with algae


The wood around your home, especially on your back patio/deck or the beautifully built fence in your backyard, are just as susceptible as your roof for breeding moss, algae, and mildew growth.   Dust, ultra-fine sugar aerosols from trees and bushes, tree sap, minerals, organic debris, etc., are all food sources for the unsightly things growing on your patio and fence. Water is the only other ingredient needed to fuel the moss, mold and mildew since their spores are constantly falling down on your patio. Keeping your patio completely dry would of course stop this growth, but even morning dew is enough to sustain the green and black organisms. With the Roof Maxx treatment, your patio and fence can be freed of these and look brand new.
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Concrete and granite monuments are a wonderful way to remember loved ones and decorative fountains and statues around your home can add a unique flair, but the natural use of both of these items subject them to the outside elements. If either of these items are placed around trees, shrubs, bushes, dirt, etc., you can expect for them to eventually (sooner rather than later) to initiate the growth of moss, mildew and algae. Keeping these locations free of obstructions can help with preventing the growth. If you’re looking to revive a tombstone, statue, or fountain, the Roof Maxx treatment could be your saving grace.
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Headstone with algae & moss
Decorative fountain with algae/moss